For Startups

As you can read in the About us section, the original business model of Manaslu Consulting did not work out. We still offer our expertise to startups.

Startups are not the main focus anymore. Nevertheless, we still offer (paid) services as Design Thinker in the idea phase, technical consultant and investment consultant. We can also offer you to be the project manager for your startup and an outsourced development.

Most startups get to know the word „Due Diligence“ too late in their existence. You found out about us, so that seems no problem for you.


I still do over you help with your development. I decided to outsource the development part and work together with the company Geeksters. Geeksters is an Innovation Agency and is able to provide you with development costs that are cheaper than any coding intern. They work with precoded modular software blocks, a development team in Morocco and a project management software with integrated IA that keeps track of everything. I just can’t compete with that. You will be surprised how much you get done with a budget as small as 5000,- Euro.

I will still join your team, work with you through all the details and be the main contact person as your project manager, only that you can speed up your go to market time from months to weeks.

You can also show a future investor that you are willing to invest your time and money in the product to show a higher commitment.

Investment coaching / Digital Due Diligence for startups

Also as a startup, it can be useful to have a Digital Due Diligence done for you. You can provide that report to all potential investors or just use it to learn about your own strength and weaknesses.

For startups with the German Exist scholarship

Für unternehmerisches Coaching, unternehmerische Qualifizierungsmaßnahmen und Gründungsberatung können zusätzlich bis zu 5 000 € gewährt werden, die nicht für andere Zwecke verwendet werden dürfen.

For Startups who have ther German Exist scholarship: there is a 5000,- budget that you could use to book my services as investment coaching. I will go with you through your pitchdeck. We figure out what kind of investment is interesting for you, do investor role plays, coach you to present your startup as good as possible in front of investors.