Our Service

Services Manaslu Consulting can for provide:

We provide Investors (and startups)  help with their investments. Technology is changing fast, it’s hard to keep track of everything. You have to do other stuff, but we are the geeks working with that stuff every day. That is why we can provide you with an excellent Service of Digital Due Diligence.

We worked with a wide variety of people and industries. To ask the right person the right questions and look behind the oh-so-promising numbers on their pitch deck is one of our talents.

We developed a broad understanding of online business models and the online eco-system.


SocialForce is developed to analyze Social Media platforms. Social Media startups are not only social networks like Facebook or Instagram, also Airbnb, Amazon or Craigslist. Every website that allows the user to change the content or the content is changed for the user (like Amazon) inherits an automated way of communication and so for social interaction and can, therefore be analyzed with SocialForce.

SocialForce is developed by Dr. Markus Dirr, to evaluate social media platforms originally created to find out why some of them are successful


but most of them are not. We adapted SocialForce for the process of Digital Due Diligence to find out the market value of a social media company and the success rate. If the startup you are looking to invest for is a form of social media startup we can provide you with a check based on SocialForce.

What we are not doing.

Some markets have their very own dynamics, some because of dominating players others because of high regulation or high investment costs, we are not working in the area of health care, medical and biotechnology. We mostly work in the area of B2C products. we are very familiar with the problems of platforms, matching problems, critical mass business models and Social Media business models.

We are also pretty aware that we are a small company with limited resources. If you are planning to make a billion dollar investment, we are not the right company to do your Digital Due Diligence.

Our customers are business angels and small VCs who want to have a second opinion based on a more technical perspective for their seed round or Series A investment.