Background Check

These are the services that can be provided during a Background Check.

The background check is without any contact between me and the company, so it is based on the information the company gave to the potential investor. As this information can vary, also the checks that can be performed might vary.
Business Model: Is the business model the company tries to execute viable?
SocialForce: You want to build a social media platform but do you have everything it needs?
Product: Does the product solve the problem? Is it possible to build it?
Market:  What is the market size? Is it a blue-ocean market?
Customers: What is the Costumer-Acquisition-Cost?
Company Defense: Is there any IP or Partnerships, that can not be copied?
SEO: What keywords are interesting for this company and how are they ranking on these?

(The questions behind the topics are just one of many we want to answer in this area.)