How we work

How our Digital Due Diligence consulting works?

After you contacted us, we will come back to you and ask for more information. For example: Where in the acquiring process you are standing? What industry the company is in? What you are expecting from us? How can Digital Due Diligence help improve your investing?

Define if we are the right partners for you.

The first step we need to determine is if we can help you with what you are planning? Do we have the competencies, market insight and the right tools to create valuable information for you? We don’t want to ruin our image, so we will give you an honest answer here.

Our customers are Business Angels and small VCs who are investing in a Seed Round or Series A in an early bird startup. The startup has a digital product and is in the prototyping or v1 – stage.

Investing money is a very unstructured process there are not many things that are usual, we provide three different services that help you through the investment process.

Quick Check

Once the founders contact you with their idea you can give us the idea statement and we check, is that idea viable? Is it on the market already? What is a potential market size? What are the competitors?

This check just takes a couple of hours to do the research and after that, we have an about 1 hour Skype call where we tell you what we found and what we think.

The Quick Check is very informal, there will be no big presentation or report, see it more as a second perspective opinion.

If this sounds interesting for you, you can find more information here.

Background Check

Once you heard the first presentation, you already got the pitch deck or had some interviews with the founders and you are still interested you can provide us with that information and we go deeper. We can check the decks for salience, go more into details eg perform a SEO check or do some research to the team members and the company, see what customers say on social media, how their online appearance is beyond their website. At this level I can also use SocialForce in case it is a Social Media startup (see Service).

This check is more intense. We need all the information you have and might even ask you to get some information from the company. Manaslu Consulting has developed topics-lists for all relevant areas to not miss out something.

All this is still done absolutely confidential. The company will not know that you use Digital Due Diligence. You will get a detailed report of what was done and what the results were including a Red-Flags report.

If this sounds interesting for you, you can find more information hereBackground Check.

Intense Check

If you want to go more into detail, what we strongly recommend, we will set up a virtual meeting between the founders/ leaders of the company and us. In this check, we will work together with the startup find out what strength and weakness exist. The startup has the opportunity to explain open points and tell us more about their plan.

In this check we do not only check product and market, we will also check if the team has knowledge and enthusiasm to execute their plan.

If this sounds interesting for you, you can find more information here.


General Information

Every Check also includes the previous one and can go more into detail as there is more information available.
You don’t have to take all the tests. If, for example, you are a specialist on the market, then you can also skip this test.

Some Due Diligence services offer payments based on transaction success, cutting down broken deal cost. We don’t do that because we think that puts us in a conflict of interest. Every red flag more we find will cut down our potential income, so why look so clearly.
That is why we based the payment on an hourly rate. You know what costs to expect, have a full cost control nd we are not obligated to talk you into something.

All the consulting is remote, we will communicate via email and have meetings on Skype or Google Hangouts.