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You have a genious idea for a technical product or service, but you don’t have the professional competence to transit this idea into reality.

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Never has it been so easy to transfer an idea into reallity.

I came up with the idea of consulting startups after I did it several times without recognizing it. I was very interested in the field of startups. Had a lot of contacts and visited startup events all the time. So I met a lot of people with great ideas and a lack of technical knowledge. I wanted to help them without binding myself to much.

That was when the idea of Manaslu Consulting was born. I bring the technical skills in the virst place, where it is very hard to find a developer or a CTO to get started. With a variety of tools I help you to get on the market and gain feedback as soon as possible. I help to bring you on top of the mountain.

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Idea generating

Concept Development


Business Modelling



Data Mining

Social Media Develoment


What We Can Do For You

Our main goal is to get you to the next level. Every investor wants to see a first prototype  and some traction.

Idea generation

Design Thinking
Business Modelling

An idea is worth nothing.



Rapid Prototyping

Get shit done.



Lean Startup
Google Advertising
Social Media
Growth Hacking

Get feedback as fast as possible.


The Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

Werner has experience in software development, product management and many other relevant fields.

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